Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation 3Rs and Waste Management in TOKYO

  • Incineration of combustible waste
  • Waste incineration facilities
  • Incinerator Type
  • Major equipment(for grate-type incinerators)
  • Exhaust Control
  • Environmental measures to counter exhaust and wastewater emissions
  • Environmental Measurement
  • Mechanism of Power Generation and Heat Supply
  • Ash recycling
  • Eco-cement
  • Ash melting
  • Other recycling
  • Recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Processing of food waste into biogas

The Tokyo metropolis generates all kinds of waste in large quantities, which explains why the city has an accumulation of facilities that treat and recycle it properly, and advanced technologies supporting the facilities.
This section showcases waste treatment and recycling technologies that attract great interest particularly from Asian cities.


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